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Energy Efficiency .... It's No Laughing Matter
You may not spend much time thinking about your windows. On beautiful days, you enjoy the view. On cool summer evenings you may open your windows to enjoy the smell of fresh flowers and the sounds of night owls.
What about when the cold of winter hits? You close your windows to keep the icy air out, but when the snow blows and the cold wind howls, do you still feel those Arctic drafts coming in? Do you ever think about the warm air inside your home, the air you've paid to heat, that goes seeping out those drafty windows? The average American home spends about half its energy costs in heating and cooling the home. Investing in energy efficient window treatments may be the wisest decision you ever make!
When warm weather comes, cellular shades are still working to save you money!  As an insulator they protect against overheating on bright sunny days.  And don't forget the power of sunlight: Comfortex cellular shades will protect your hardwood floors, upholstered furniture and even your carpets from the harmful effects of Ultra-Violet rays.
Seeing is Believing! Even houses which appear to be well insulated may not be as energy efficient as one may think. This house was photographed during the winter using thermal photography, a process which exposes higher temperature zones as indicated by the color transitions. You will notice that the areas around the windows are particularly "hot," proving that a significant amount of interior heat is escaping from these portions of the building.
Information provided by the US Department of Energy (DOE) Thermography/Photography copyright 1997. Infraspection Institute Inc, Burlington New Jersey

See The Difference of ComforTrack Plus Energy Saving Sidetrack Insulation System Makes on Windows

This window was photographed in a controlled laboratory setting using thermal photography, a process which distinguishes temperature zones as indicated by the color transitions.
Uncovered window: The blue color in this photo indicates the temperature loss around an uncovered, single pane window.

Window with Symphony Fabric: This photo shows the same window wearing a Symphony Cellular Shade by Comfortex. Note the color gradation from blue to green to yellow. The warmer colors indicated a temperature increase the inherent insulating effect of cellular fabric.

Window with ComforTrack Plus: The ComforTrack Plus Energy Saving Sidetrack Insulation System and the coldest blues fade away! Energy leaks are nearly eliminated since ComforTrack Plus seals the gap between the fabric edge and window frame.
Uncovered Window
Window with Symphony Energy Smart Cellular Shade
Window with Symphony Cellular shade and Comfortrack Plus Energy Saving Sidetrack Insulation System
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