We house an incredible selection of fabric samples: on hangers in  colors and textures to please every eye and hand, on shelves that are overflowing with well organized sample books.  We carry one of the best selections of fabric in Maine.  Elegance Interiors has the fabric for every project and every budget!  We're constantly adding to our library, so there's always something new to see. If you're looking for a particular pattern, Ann loves a challenge ... email, call or stop by;  if it's out there we can get it!
Mid coast Maine's finest collection of fabric samples is constantly upgraded to keep up with the latest style and color trends.  If you are looking for fabric in Maine, Come see us!!
    * Schumacher * Waverly * Stout Brothers * Robert Allen * J.F. Fabrics * Kasmir * Fabricade * Fabricut * d'Kei Industries * Douglas * B. Berger * Carole Fabrics * R & M Coco * Barrow Industries * Pindler & Pindler * Michaels Textiles * Merrimac * Greenhouse\Irvin Allen
* William Morris * Sanderson * Brunswig & Fils * Greff * Anna French * Chella * Stroheim & Roman * Kravet * Thibaut * Duralee
* Hinson & Co. * Bargia * Andaru

We have tons of discontinued fabric samples for sale.  And tons of discontinued fabric books for FREE FREE FREE!!!
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